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What if the site didn't close down and the new format was to simply take away the anonymity.

In other words no options to post a question other than a screenname.

I personally think the site went downhill when the formatting option allowed posting of pictures for the profile picture. I think having the cartoon faces was adequate.

- Asked by Female, Who Cares?
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Have you ever received a settlement from a car accident that you were injured in?

Did it cover your bills, lawyer, and pain and suffering ? Was it fair, or were you expecting more ?

- Asked by travelchic, Female, 29-35, Who Cares?
Family & Relationships / 2 days ago Back To Top

If you were offered $10 million

the caveat being that you will lose all your beloved cherished memories from your past ...

You literally lose all memories from your past.

Would you still do it?

- Asked by wetwired, Female, 29-35, Vancouver, Who Cares?
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Right guys, I'm away for an MRI of the brain...

Let you know if they find one!!!!!!

Have a nice day.xxxx

Update: October 06, 2015.
Well, results next week, it's due to my eyesight failing in left eye and the numbness in my feet... I think it's stress but at least I'll see if in fact I have a brain

- Asked by rumloverreturns, Female, 46-55, Glasgow, Other Profession
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Dead people's Facebook

I just realized after losing yet another friend, my fb has over 5 deceased people on it.

A lot of friends and family post to their pages constantly.

Once in a while their facebook will say they "liked" something.

I am really contemplating deleting them as friends.

Who is more morbid? Myself for wanting to unfriend them or for the people still posting on their profiles!?

- Asked by thekissbandit, Female, 29-35
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Thank you Blue!!! :)

Blue Genel created an alternative!!! Come on over!!! http://www.answerologyr Spread the word!!!

- Asked by cindylouwho, Female, 46-55, Who Cares?
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i need to ask, has anyone else been having problems

with responding ,when you go to send your response it doesn't go nowhere... earlier when i was answering a post when i hit send it took me back to the log on page hmmm ??? anything ? anybody... not even sure this will go thru.

- Asked by mburgos, Female, 46-55, Philadelphia, Who Cares?
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Have you ever had a medical or dental malpractice case ?

Was it agonizing for you ? What did you learn from the experience?

- Asked by travelchic, Female, 29-35, Who Cares?
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How to move on from life when your spirit is broken?

I have failed miserably at everything I've tried- from my career, to marriage, to friendships. I'm very blessed to have been born into a loving supporting family and I don't want all their efforts to look like me- I want to try again but I need some guidance getting started later in life with less and older and not the naive optimism that hard work will pay off- any recommendations from books to websites to personal experience would be helpful- surely I'm not the first girl to be left late in life and to be looking at life with dark shades on as everything from school papers to preparing for presentations to marriage counseling seems to have been an exercise in coming out of denial that I'm simply not good enough to compete. Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

- Asked by Female, 29-35
Shopping and Coupons / 2 days ago Back To Top

Was this text to me from husband's ex warranted?

H was in a bad accident a few weeks ago 5 hours from home. I was out of town 2,000 miles away and beyond shook up when I got the call about it. He was airlifted to the nearest hospital with collapsed lung, several broken ribs and cracked sternum. The hospital they took him to just happened to be about 5 miles from where his 17 y/o daughter lives with her mom. They got into a REALLY bad fight in July of last year and we had not seen her since. I mean she was dropping f bombs left and right at him, telling him he's not her father, even tried to take a swing at him. It took nearly a year, but they started talking again earlier this year.

So I send a text to H's ex to let her know what happened and to let the daughter know. I also have had very little contact with the daughter over the past year. I never call her but I did text her a few times earlier this year. I don't hear anything back from the daughter which is odd so I send a text to the ex saying "Is D's current phone # XXX? I texted her yesterday telling her about H and seeing if she would visit him and got no reply. Do you know if she has contacted him?" Her snotty reply was "D hasn't had that number forever (and if by forever that apparently means not since June when I last texted her!). She went to see him yesterday as requested. Her phone is broken and won't be replaced for a few weeks because I have to pay her tuition." Okay THAT response was unwarranted. The "she saw him as requested" sounded really loving and her not being able to replace her phone (for like the 3rd time because D is constantly breaking it!) isn't my fault and neither is the fact that she is broke because she also has to pay her tuition! I then respond "Ok. Glad she went to see him". Her response is "Of course she did" then she follows that up about a minute later with "Regardless of what H says about me, I raised her right and she is a good kid".

Oooookay! Did I sound like I was trying to be mean? I simply wanted to know if his daughter had gone to see him. I hadn't asked H that because we can never be on the phone for more than a few minutes before he has to hang up because a doctor or nurse is coming in the room. And isn't that a little contradictory when she first told me that "D went to see him as requested" and then she gets bent out of shape and says "Of course she went to see him. She's a good kid". Well then I shouldn't have to REQUEST that she go see him, should I?!"

- Asked by Female, 36-45