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Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks???

What's your cup of choice!!! :)

Update: February 26, 2015.
I'm a DD, Hot Blueberry w/ cream and sugar!!! Or as we Bostonians would say..." Hot blueberry-regulah!!! "

- Asked by cindylouwho, Female, 46-55, Who Cares?
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Roommate wants a pet

About 3 months ago, I moved to a new neighborhood and signed a lease with a roommate (who was a stranger). Things have been going well - we're not besties, but we get along. But today she informed me that she volunteers with animal control and is interested in taking in foster animals before they get adopted. She asked if it would be ok for her to foster a cat or dog in the apartment for anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.

While I appreciate her checking with me, I have mild dog allergies and hate cats, and one of the reasons I picked her apartment in the first place was because there were no pets. I feel like she should have brought this up when she was interviewing me as a potential roommate. How do I tell her no politely?

- Asked by Female, 26-28
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Well, looky here! I got me a response!

"you are real fat n ugly
get a pat down biotch"

I wonder which post this person is referring to?

- Asked by jazzandcoffee, Female, 46-55, Who Cares?
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When was the last time you played cards?

I just spent the evening playing spades and rummy. What's your game?

- Asked by frenchkiss49, Female, 56-65, Tampa, Who Cares?
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Eye of the beholder indeed..

I work with a young woman, 23 years old. She's very tall and thin. Dark hair and pretty. She idolizes Victoria's secret models as "perfect beings". I shared with her that my idea of perfect runs along the Serena Williams/Rhonda roussey physique. That I find curvaceous, strong women to be sexy and powerful. She was horrified..and exclaimed she found women with muscles "disgusting". Maybe it's an age thing? I was just shocked her idea of beauty is so narrow and conventional. Also, most men I've met would rather have a curvy fit woman than an extremely skinny one??

- Asked by joygernaut, Female, 36-45, Vancouver
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Have you ever stayed up all night talking with a friend?

I did last night. I think I do more often than I should, but it's nice.

- Asked by frenchkiss49, Female, 56-65, Tampa, Who Cares?
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So I'm having insomnia, and I was looking at the side effects of something I am taking.

I'm cracking up. One is "rapid worm-like movement of tongue". I'm ridiculously amused right now. Another one was "false beliefs which cannot be changed by facts". Also, "fruit-like breath odor". And finally.... "coma".

I'm in stitches.

- Asked by babelfish123, Female, 26-28, Los Angeles, Food Service
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Please help! I know it is hard to give advice w/o knowing all the details but here goes...

We own a house that was a rental property for over 20 years. I am 56. We are going thru divorce proceedings so I moved into the rental home. Home built in 1938 as a small mtn cabin, SF Bay Area, in the mtns, near the San Andreas Fault, on a slight hillside, 1100 s/f, two story, deteriorating condition. I have lived here 3 yrs. It has a crack in foundation, deteriorating large deck and major electrical issues, mostly just not to code. It has a propane wall heater in the living room for only heat besides fireplace (insert), single pane windows, etc. Ok, I hope you get the picture, it is a can of worms of potential problems. I don't make very much money, so I can't qualify to buy another home here. It is located in an extremely desirable area of the Bay Area & the selling market is red hot. Repair estimates $150k-$200k plus to fix all major issues including heat. Should I try to keep the house or sell and rent somewhere else? I can probably never buy in the Bay Area but my kids are here. My ex wants to settle..what to do? Anyone have contractor knowledge dealing with these kinds of homes? Some contractors tell me its a tear down, others not. Everyone wants to try to make money off my situation, so I don't know who to believe. I'm losing sleep worrying what to do? Thank you all in advance.

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Do you always follow your gut feelings like when it comes to doing something and you think...

About real hard and decided not to do what ever it was you was going to do but you stopped yourself and you was happy you listen to your gut feeling. I sure was happy I did it. How about you?

- Asked by ozzycat19, Female, 46-55
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Do you go to your reunions?

I was considering it, then had flash backs of all the humiliation and thinking I'll just sit it out. I get if you were popular or well liked to see your friends and people that wanted to see you, but if you didn't have any friends, what would be the point?

- Asked by Female, 29-35