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Oddly tired.....all the time

So for the past month I get fatigued super easy. I chalked it up to being sick. Then to my hormones. Then to the heat. A really simple task like driving to the store exhausts me. I am overwhelmed right now so I haven't worried.

Now my s/o came home for the weekend and complained how super tired he was and could just pass out at any moment. He's pretty active.

Now I'm worried we both have "something" making us feel this way.

Anyone ever experience this?

- Asked by thekissbandit, Female, 29-35
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Is there a bank that does not charge fees for using an out of branch ATM?

I quit Citibank because I had to have a certain amount of money in my checking or they charged a $25 monthly fee. This bank has alot of branches. Easy to find ATM's.

I went to Capitol One. This is a small bank with not many branches. No limits on checking. Each time I need cash I have to drive to the bank to use the ATM. I get charged $3 everytime I use an outside ATM. This is on top of the ATM fees. This bank is not close to me.

I am fed up with banks. I heard Credit Unions are the best way to go. Do they charge for using an outside branch ATM?

Do you know of any banks with no fees?

- Asked by Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?
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Confession is good for the soul ...

Do you have anything to confess?

- Asked by rumloverreturns, Female, 46-55, Glasgow, Other Profession
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okay so heres the deal our 8 year old shih tzu

got diagnosed with pemphigus he is now on steroid treatment for the for seeable future 2 weeks ago got an eye ulcer that is HORRIBLE he can barely see a thing we are grooming him at home and just noticed a huge corn like mass on his paw pad we are taking him in tomorrow and the vet keeps using the C word but has ran no tests WTF is up with that?? Any advice?

- Asked by amberslogic, Female, 29-35, Who Cares?
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Is everyone having a nice Summer?

This place is slower than ever.

- Asked by philosopher1, Female, 46-55
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Is it so wrong for me to want to smoke meth and fuck like animals all night and be a soccer mom?

I am an old fashion woman that believes in loving and happily taking care of her man and children during the day and smoking meth and getting fucked like a woman should.
.i love dirty kinky shit but only with my man...why is that so unbelievable and unacceptable?

- Asked by leneluvs69, Female, 36-45, San Antonio
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Why would somebody avoid answering a totally un controversial question????

I remember posting on AO about the difference between 1995 and 2015. I got such a
great response I decided to take it to Facebook. Both of my nieces went thru their teens in the 90s and one of them in particular really loved the 90s so I was sure she'd chime right in. Nothing. I even asked her on her timeline and she made it very clear by the way she totally clammed up that she was NOT going to answer it. I found her behavior very very odd. This was a fun non controversial question...I wasn't asking her opinion on NWO rand Paul the FEMA camps ACA. I sent her a message wondering why she was behaving like this and that it seemed very odd and was there something she wanted to talk about. No response.

I remember when I talked to her on the phone a couple of months ago...we started talking about her mother and we ended up talking about what started to happen right after my father died in the 90s. Almost immediately my sister started putting my niece up to calling my mother beginning what was a malignant money drain constantly wanting money. And how she responded when she saw she was being held accountable for her role in it she immediately turned on the tears which was always what her mother did. she even used the same voice inflictions her mother did when crying. And I don't think she liked it when she saw the tears weren't working. She knew what she was doing she was equally responsible for her actions. I know she came from a horrific environment with her mother but she was also imitating behavior patterns that she saw her mother used that worked. My oldest sister had tried to warn me that she was just as responsible as her mother. And the lights came on that she's been right when my niece lied saying her aunt ( my sister) had never tried to contact her after her mom died and I already knew that wasn't true. My sister told me she'd tried NUMEROUS times and she's not someone who'd lie about that. I believe my niece was partially sorry for what she'd done but I also think she was sorry about having to face reality because she was actually imitating her mothers behavior because she'd seen it worked.

All this happened during the mid to late 90s and I think the conversation we'd has that night on the phone is EXACTLY why the very odd behavior to a very untouchy topic.

Your thoughts???

- Asked by u2joshuadesireu, Female, 46-55, Medical / Dental