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Do cats like to be held and kissed?
Pets / 10:55 AM - Tuesday August 27, 2013

Do cats like to be held and kissed?

- Asked by Female, 36-45

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Some do more than others. My cat likes to be held and kissed for up to 2 minutes only. Anything longer than that, and she'll squirm, wiggle and run away. They have limits on personal space, these cats. :)

It's pretty funny.

- Response by Female, 29-35, Medical / Dental

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My cat hates it. In fact its the only way I get him to go away is by holding him.

- Response by Female, 36-45

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Some do - some don't. I have one who loves it, one who tolerates it, and one who hates it. I think if you get them used to it when they are kittens, they're more likely to allow you to do it.

- Response by justpassingthru, Female, 56-65, Financial / Banking

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Some do. It all depends on the temperament of the cat. Breed type can play a big part too.

- Response by msadvise, Female, 46-55, Transportation

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I used to think they all did but I must have been lucky or spoiled with most of my pets. The ones I have now definitely do not...unless THEY decide and come up to you.

- Response by jezmebaby, A Grandmother, Female, 46-55, Los Angeles, Self-Employed

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It's highly dependent on the cat and how they are trained. My cat will jump up on the counter and say hello with a nose kiss the way cats will. Mostly, she'll let me pick her up and cuddle her unless it's dinner time.


- Response by kravjar666, A Father Figure, Male, 46-55, Los Angeles, Consulting

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domesticated cats do. My cats loves it and so do I.

- Response by cinderella2006, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

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Mine do and my friends cats to do to when I go visit him and his cats to.

- Response by pawsbuddy04, Female, 46-55

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None of the cats I've had ever really liked to be held and kissed. They would tolerate a little touching, but that's it. Which was fine with me, as I don't really like needy pets.

- Response by betterbird, A Creative, Male, 46-55, San Francisco, Administrative

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most cats do like to be held..but kissed...that is another thing.

- Response by flwoodpecker, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 36-45, Other Profession

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...oh yes!

...and they LOVE to be held real up close to your face while dipping their tails into really hot water....try it!!

- Response by nameacarl, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, Who Cares?, Oostende, Self-Employed

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