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How many # celery to make sticks for 150 people.
Recipes & Food / 11:49 PM - Monday April 08, 2013

how many # celery to make sticks for 150 people.

I need to make celery and carrots sticks for 150 people. How many stalks of celery do I buy? Or lbs?

Update: April 09, 2013.
You are so cute - This is a snack type menu after a big meeting - Lemon water - Grapes, Strawberries, Orange wedges - White Chocolate Fruit Dip - Celery and Carrot Sticks, Ranch dip, Whole Wheat Pita Wedges, Hummus - and that's it. I've been asked to help this gal with quantities. I used to do this years ago as I catered in Vegas for about 18 years. Had my own business for awhile until my mother needed me her in the Pacific NW. Then I've been caring for her the last 12 years and the Lord just took her home now this past March 12th. She was 98. So now I'm free to do whatever but I've forgotten so much. I have to get out all my books and pictures again if I'm going to help people. So for a quick fix I rely on you young whipper snapers. Ha! Ha! Thanks so much for responding. Horsestalk.

Update: April 09, 2013.
I guess my verbage was a little incorrect regarding the bunch vs stalk of celery. There are several stalks in a bunch of celery right? So I too think 4 large bunches would feed 75 people. You are right, not everyone will be taking celery either. Great advice. Warmly, Horsestalk

Update: April 09, 2013.
babelfish123, Thanks for responding - Great idea you gave. I forgot about Costco. At 74 I've forgotten a lot. It's time to get with it again. Thanks so much for putting me back on the right track. Warmly, Horsestalk.

- Asked by horsestalk, An Retiree, Female, 66 or older

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Each stock can be cut in half to make TWO stalks.

I would figure that 35% will eat them. If you have other food, chances are strong that not all your guests will eat any celery at all. If I was trying to play it really safe, I would say half might pick it up.

To feed 75 people two stalks each (1 real celery stalk cut into two pieces).

Each bunch of celery has about 15 stalks. 4 bunches x 15 stalks = 75 people.

I would get four bunches; five to be really sure.

- Response by randyl, Female, Who Cares?, Technical

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Another thought: Celery & carrots are good nibbles - but what else is beiong served at this event? And will the nibbles be served as an appetizer? Or will they be served alongside the main meal?
Good luck, Horsestalk,

p.s. If celery & carrots are the ONLY things that 150 people are gonna get to eat, triple the sum of celery you're to purchase (LOL - just being silly!! :)

- Response by familygal, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

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