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What does it mean when a guy calls you duck?
Dating / 3:08 PM - Monday October 01, 2012

what does it mean when a guy calls you duck?

he calls me duck, or my duck or darling

- Asked by Female, 18-21

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Either he's telling you he's hungry and craves some Peking Duck, has a Chinese friend he's watched "Sixteen Candles" with too many times and can't get the character Long Duck Dong's name out of his mind, is telling you to duck because the sky is falling, is reverting back to the 1890s street vernacular "That's ducky," meaning, cute, darling, satisfactory or jake (fine) OR he's just plain f***ing with you because you're dumb or too plain dumb to ask him!

No offense intended.

- Response by thedaimler2006, Female, 56-65, Atlanta, Self-Employed

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Do you make the duck face in a lot of your pictures? That might be why -I know it's popular in your age group..hell, even mine.

- Response by jillopo, Female, 29-35

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It's a somewhat outdated British endearment found in various working-class dialects, so a bit affected in an inverted-snobbish kind of way, but he doesn't mean anything offensive by it.

- Response by tabbycat1, Female, 29-35, London, Internet / New Media

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You look like a duck? you have duck lips?

- Response by Female, 36-45

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