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Is it okay to wear pantyhose with sundress?
Sex & Intimacy / 8:41 PM - Friday June 24, 2011

Is it okay to wear pantyhose with sundress?

I don't like showing my legs without pantyhose and I just thinks it looks a lot better this way. I just bought cute sundress but my friend said if I left the house wearing a sundress with pantyhose I would look a fool. Is this true?

What would you think if you saw a woman doing this?

- Asked by Female, 22-25

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a sun dress has got my vote, don't care if your wearing tennis shoes and black socks ( HELL YA ITS ALRIGHT)

- Response by tytbo, A Guy Critical, Male, 56-65, Indianapolis, Who Cares?

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If you must wear the sundress NOW and you have pasty white legs then pantyhose would be better...I guess. But if you can wait a little on wearing the dress, get some SUN on those chalk sticks so they have some nice color. You'll look better, and no one will be blinded. Btw, doesn't sun dress mean you wear it because you are aware that there exists a Sun?

- Response by used2bsane, A Guy Critical, Male, 56-65, Denver, Other Profession

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- Response by hedo2nj, A Player, Male, 36-45, Other Profession

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Show off them legs girl! Pantyhose are cute with more formal attire(pair them with a pencil skirt and you'll knock all the boys dead). Sundresses are better off without pantyhose though.

- Response by sillysquids2, Female, 22-25, Who Cares?

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Go without them, you wont look like a fool, but why would you want to subtract from an awsome dress... Somtimes less accessories are nicer.Also without the panty hoes your friend wont feel embarrassed as she has shown she thinks it looks foolish.

- Response by thegirl8000, Female, 26-28

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Yes it is ok, there is no such thing as fashion police. I have done this before, I don't give a f*** what people think.

- Response by Female, Who Cares?

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Biggest reason women love sundresses is that they don't have to wear any underwear with them at all.

- Response by betterbird, A Creative, Male, 46-55, San Francisco, Administrative

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Its okay if you want to but dear God why would you? Its 90-100 degrees in most of the Country (if you're in US) so it'd be awfully uncomfortable don't you think? Plus a lot of people would think same as your friend--the whole idea of a Sundress is fun, flirty casual so pairing it with something as formal as hose is somewhat an oxymoron. So you would probably be hot and feel self-conscience wondering if everyone is looking at you like you have a boogie in your nose.

You ever see those middle-aged women still wearing the 'farrah flip' with fried waist length hair and the 80s frosty blue shadow? They Think they look better that way but most everyone else is looking at them with sorrow. Don't be that woman. You're young and should feel confident in your cute little dress... really, if you can forego the hose, do so. Take them with you in case it drives you up the wall with worry but start without them and see how you feel.

Alternative: If you think your legs are too white, try tanning lotion or spray on them while wearing the dress.

- Response by thottienc, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

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There are lots of lovely ladies at Happyvale Home who wear pantyhose with sundresses.

Granted it wasn't recomended as much for the residents before that incident with the orderly and one of the ladies, but really, all she ever did was rock back and forth and mumble so he really thought it would be easy to get away with, but that's a whole nother topic isn't it.

- Response by A Life of the Party, Male, 29-35, Who Cares?

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A sundress in my opinion if oftenly worn during summer and it meant to cool you off..I would just try wearing it without any stockings first, trust me it would feel a lot better without it...if your sundress is quite short, better use a boyleg underwear (that looks like a men's brief) to make you feel secured :)

- Response by asianlovely13, Female, 46-55, London, Managerial

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You put on the sundress with pantyhose for going out with your friend so you should take care of his liking instead of your own!!!

- Response by A Guy Critical, Male, Who Cares?, Chicago, Who Cares?

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Your friend is right.
Skip the hose.

- Response by chessplayer, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 36-45, Administrative

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Before I can reply,I must know what a sundress is?

- Response by size008, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 66 or older, New York, Retired

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OMG! You need a fashion helper gf. Sun dresses are meant to be worn in the sun on warm days. Light material with a very loose cut. Would you wear pantyhose to the beach?

No pantyhose with the sun dress please.

- Response by llafsroh, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Boston, Science / Engineering

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it's to hot to wear pantyhose this time of year, isn't it?
if it's not too hot, where you are I guess you can wear those tights that go up to the ankle. make sure it's dress that goes with this look though. most are.

- Response by girlpower08, Female, 36-45

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Don't be afraid to get ya pins out and get a tan on them, be proud of what you have, and flaunt it to the max. However if you feel a little insecure about showing off what you were blessed with, find a friend to share the experience with, go to the beach or somewhere you can enjoy sunning yourself and have a fun time not worrying about what you might think you look like, as I'm sure with time you will build the confidence to display proudly what you have been given.

- Response by puniksem, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 46-55, London, Consulting

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