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Why is my butt so loose and how do I fix it??
Sex & Intimacy / 11:26 PM - Saturday February 05, 2011

Why is my butt so loose and how do I fix it??

I've had a lot of sex, and now I'm really loose there


Update: February 06, 2011.
stanorocks duct tape is your salution to everything, isn't it?

- Asked by proudmom88, Female, 26-28, Atlanta

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Duct tape!

- Response by stanorocks, A Guy Critical, Male, 36-45, Denver, Therapist

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lmfao... hmmm let's see we have kegals for the vajayjay.. so if we try a buttox squeeze in , push out.. squeeze in , push out.. yeah that should do .... oh and no anal hahaha oh let me shut up.hahahaa

- Response by mburgos, Female, 46-55, Philadelphia, Who Cares?

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I suddenly feel so guilty for all the women I have ruined for other guys...

- Response by mld1221, A Career Man, Male, Who Cares?, Los Angeles, Managerial

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is this a hint for me to switch it up?

- Response by strongbow, A Jock, Male, 29-35, Who Cares?

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Okkk therelol

- Response by sunny396e, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Atlanta

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I know you don't mean it...

- Response by int24h, A Career Man, Male, 36-45, Alternative Medicine

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A Cork!

- Response by cheekymatt25, A Career Man, Male, 29-35, London, Body Work

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how sad that you might be serious.

if your think you have damaged yourself and you can damage you rectum see your dr.

- Response by Female, 56-65, Executive

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