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Why is my cat dragging my clothes around the house?
Sex & Intimacy / 5:48 PM - Friday October 22, 2010

Why is my cat dragging my clothes around the house?

I have 2 cats one is 2 and one is 3. Lately the 2yr old has been going in my drawers and taking out my bras, panties, and nightgowns and dragging them upstairs and leaving them around the house. the other morning i found him laying with two of my bras. this morning my drawer was open a crack and i watched him struggle to pull a nightgown out through the tiny opening of my drawer and carry it upstairs in his teeth. I've read that he thinks its prey and some say he misses his owner. anyone know the real reason???

- Asked by soseductive84, Female, 29-35, Managerial

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**licking a paw** Of COURSE I know why your cat is doing it...but if I told you, then naturally I'd have to kill you. Some mysteries are best left alone.

Oh, and mikegeeboyd better watch his step ~ IJS

- Response by ocelotspot, A Stay-at-Home Mom, Female, Who Cares?, Other Profession

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Yes, you failed to close you drawer.

- Response by newnumbersguy32, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 36-45, Financial / Banking

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Put a mouse trap in there for even MORE fun.

- Response by llafsroh, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Boston, Science / Engineering

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My guess would be that he misses you, and is taking comfort in your scent.

Be glad that's all he's doing. We had a cat once that would pee on all our suitcases when we got back from trips!

- Response by buffalothighs88, Female, 56-65, Other Profession

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They're CATS! ~ Firstly... Cats are plain evil.
They may seem cute & playful, It's just a ruse.

- Response by mikegeeboyd, A Life of the Party, Male, 56-65, Artist / Musician / Writer

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I hate cats. Dogs have owners, cats have staff. I have stopped my partner feeding the cat because she nests on her bed. If I feed her (Bunyip, the cat) she makes a nest on my shorts. I don't know what the areas of my body that shorts cover smell like but she seems to like it. When I feed her.
You are just going to have to put up with the cat. Lay out some panties for her/him to nest in. They are going to get ripped to pieces and bras are expensive.

- Response by 1jealousguy, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 56-65, London, Artist / Musician / Writer

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Keep the draw shut for a start and put away your frilly undies and jammies etc then putty tats cant play with them .. LOL Putty is lured to scent.
Get some toys for them to play with including a stuffed old material toys. blankets could be slpash lightly with aromatic scents perfume .incent oil .. lightly splash may work .. goodluck

- Response by berri, Female, 46-55, New South Wales, Who Cares?

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The cat misses you when you're gone and likes having your scent.

You can stop the cat from taking your underclothing if you sleep on a soft, knitted blanket and then put it where your cat is likely to find it or is likely to sleep. It has to have your scent on it, not artificial scent, to satisfy the cat.

You can even put the blanket with your scent on it in front of the chest of drawers where the cat goes to get your underthings.

- Response by electragold21, Female, 29-35, New York, Teaching

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The cat wants sex.

- Response by int24h, A Career Man, Male, 36-45, Alternative Medicine

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