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How to clean discolored (yellow) plastic areas on white appliances?
Home Organizing & Cleaning / 12:05 PM - Friday September 03, 2010

How to clean discolored (yellow) plastic areas on white appliances?

Where the ice/water dispenser is on the fridge door has a yellow discoloration; also the vent on the self-cleaning stove from cleaning. Any suggestions to get rid of the yellow?

Update: September 04, 2010.
Thanks for the suggestion. I never even thought of contacting the manufacturer or the store where I purchased the appliances. Duh... Thought maybe Heloise had an easy suggestion. I'll make a post if I do get any helpful information from the store or manufacturer. Thanks again...

Update: September 03, 2010.
Thanks "Anon" for your tip, but these appliances are only three years old, so to me, they're not old enough to be considered "aged"!

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I hope someone answers this, I want to know too!

- Response by catscratch, Female, 46-55, Executive

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A lot of white plastics change color (yellows) with age -- it can't be whitened, short of painting it. LOL You might want to ask an appliance store person and see what they say. Good luck.

- Response by The Cook, Female, 66 or older, Retired

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