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Not often, but my husband yells at me in public/in front of people. Men what do you think?
Married Life / 12:18 AM - Sunday August 22, 2010

Not often, but my husband yells at me in public/in front of people. Men what do you think?

I love my husband very much and he loves me and we are very happy. He is a great husband and father. He will stop by the store to get me things, take our child when I need a break, and gives me back massages all the time. Most of the time I feel very lucky and spoiled. However, he does have a bad temper. Usually it is road rage and he is a very aggressive driver and when we are arguing he will drive even more crazy on purpose to upset me or to get me to stop talking. Seriously even my dad who is a crazy driver, says my hubby is a scary driver.
Also maybe a couple times a year, he has gotten upset with me and he has yelled at me in public and in front of people. He never chews me out or called me names, but he will yell at me to do something or whatever when he is frustrated. I am not perfect and it usually is provoked and he is upset for a reason, but I hate it when he does it in public. People stare and I am so embarrassed and feel humiliated. One time a man even asked if I was OK. I am not a yeller and don't yell and try to diffuse things, so to other people it doesn't look like we are having an argument, it looks like my husband is just yelling at me. Like I said this only happens a couple times a year, but I hate it. Usually it is a build up of a couple of things and the little thing sets him off, so it not like I can see it coming and stop it before it happens.
When he gets upset I usually back off and let him calm down, do his thing and not make it worse and he ALWAYS feels really bad and tells me he is sorry and back to his normal sweet self.
His dad is kind of the same way-90% of the time sweet and mild tempered but ever now and then flies off the handle. My husband knows this about himself and his dad and jokes about his anger management problem.
I don't think it is necessarily a problem, all men have tempers, and a lot of women do too.
I was just looking for advice of anyone who is in a similar situation, specifically a man who occasionally loses his temper, is there anything that has helped or way to deal with it or is it just one of those things.
It really doesn't happen that much and maybe I am just being overly sensitive becuase it just happened tonight and I am pregnant.
And no verbal abuse comments, he doesn't call me names and is not abusive in anyway. Except for these random outburts he treats me like a queen. I am not afraid of him or think he is going to hurt me, but I do dread it when he gets upset. He occasionally breaks objects too, and I know a lot of guys who do that. Men need ot blow off steam and punch a punching bag, go to the driving range, whatever, I know they are just like that and are physical like that.
Guys have you ever yelled at your gf/wife in public? Did you feel bad about it, like you feel that it is something that shouldn't be done? Or is it just a guy thing? Any of you with bad tempers that have any advice?

- Asked by Female, 29-35

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