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How do you uncover a litigious person, who makes her living suing innocent people?
Random & Fun / 12:45 PM - Thursday June 10, 2010

How do you uncover a litigious person, who makes her living suing innocent people?

I live in a small town and there is this real estate agent (I'll call her Sybil). She has worked hard and even though she is redneck and unfinished, she has done a good job making a average living for herself. She's a real 'go-getter" and shes very good at manipulation. She probably doesn't get repeat customers.
About 10 years ago, she married a wealthy business man(Roger)she met while selling him a house. He set up a manufacturing business in our town, but has since moved his business to Honduras. In the mean time, Roger bought Sybil a real estate office, she got her brokers license and now has several agents working for her. They own many rental properties and have done well. Prior to marrying the business man, she was a small fish in a small pond. Over the years I've heard outlandish stories about Roger and Sybil...mostly misfortunes they caused other people.
I recently learned (even though this case was filed last August) that Sybil and her husband have filed a multi-million dollar suit (Federal court) against a well known real estate franchise. The reason is that one of the agents from the franchise has a website that is attracting more customers then her(Sybil), and penetrating her business. Shes claiming fraud and hired a IT tech to hack into the website to get a copy of the code, so she could duplicate it on her site, hoping for the same visibility. Shes claiming that the
She and her husband have spent the last 10 years suing the smaller companies, because they have the money too. There isn't one local attorney that will go against her because all of them do business with her (via real estate transactions). She has multiple cases on the docket, both at the local court and the state court.
People are afraid to stand up to Sybil and Roger, because they don't have the funds to pay a out of town lawyer.
I am speaking from a town of 25K people. Its sad to see peoples lives destroyed because of someone's lies and greed. Think if this were you. How would you protect yourself? Our court system is not always fair, as many of you may know.

Thanks for any comments, suggestions and opinions.

- Asked by Female, 46-55, Consulting

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