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He left me because my ex has a bigger penis
Dating / 1:48 PM - Saturday May 08, 2010

He left me because my ex has a bigger penis

So my now ex BF was with me when I was changing my 4 year olds diaper while he was sleeping, my kid sometimes has an erection in his sleep. Later that night he commented on the size of my sons erection and said it was surprisingly big for a child, he then proceeded to ask if the father was big, I said I couldn't remember, but I said this because I didn't want to say yes he was big as I knew it'd hurt his after more question I finally told him, he was bigger...bigger than he was. Now he has went in huff as his ego is damaged...he has now 2 days later said he wants to have a break. He isnt saying this is the reason I've given above but I know it is.

He has never been anything but a great guy, he has never acted childish before, this over reaction is so out of character, and yes its unattractive but I know him and know he's a wonderful person...I can't help it if my ex was bigger, its just life.

How can I get him back?

Please only mature responses, I can only imagine what kind of replies I will i will say this now, nothing pedophilic is going on here and yes I know he's acting very childish but he has never shown this side of him before...I'm asking for help not to read your abusive replies as this sites beginning to get ridiculous with them.

Thank you in advance

- Asked by Female, Who Cares?

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