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My husband complains ALL THE TIME
Sex & Intimacy / 8:20 PM - Wednesday April 28, 2010

My husband complains ALL THE TIME

It is getting too much for me to bear. He never says anything nasty about me, but he is critical of everything else (tv shows, seats we get at events etc) whereas I am easily pleased and happy with the simple things in life - just happy to be alive! This small incompatibility has opened my eyes to other ways in which we see things so very differently, and I don't like how it makes me feel. I love him but I am not sure what to do. I have spoken to him about this before but he just becomes insulted. Can a relationship where 2 people share completely different values, views and morals really work? Can a future be built?

- Asked by Female, 46-55, Sacramento

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he becomes insulted? honestly if ur having these thoughts now, what do u think its going to be like 5 years or 10 years from now. even more worse!

- Response by Female, 29-35

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