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Remove candle wax from a cotton lace doily
Home Organizing & Cleaning / 11:41 AM - Thursday December 10, 2009

remove candle wax from a cotton lace doily

- Asked by sharonmsw1, A New Mom, Female, 56-65

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I had this happen to me....a nice beautiful white doily with red candle wax. It basically ruined it. I tried using a hot iron (to melt the wax) then tried to bleach it. It helped a little but my doily fell apart. If you come across a good idea, please share it with me...good luck and Merry Christmas.

- Response by grammapris, Female, 46-55, Retired

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Hot iron and a brown paper bag to absorb the oils and the waxes AFTER you place it in the freezer and freeze it as hard as you can get it and crack the wax off the fibers....

- Response by siouxzen, Female, Who Cares?, Los Angeles, Self-Employed

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Hey try this one; run under some hot or warm water. And gradually work off the doily.

- Response by javajive5, The Cook, Female, 56-65

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