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Scary things to say???
Random & Fun / 10:58 AM - Tuesday October 06, 2009

Scary things to say???

What can I say to scare people while I'm working at a haunt - the just getting in peoples faces is getting boring I want something to say. Any ideas?

This one girl was just about pissing in her pants and I was like - Scared? (waited a second) and then said you should be. That freaked her out, but it's too much, I don't want to spend 10 seconds on one person. I want something quick and freaky and effective.

I was thinking - Scream for me or I wanna hear you scream or something to that effect.

Any suggestions? What would catch you off guard and freak you out? Since most "monsters" don't say anything.

Update: October 06, 2009.
I like the "I'll get you my pretty". I'm in the "final scene" and it's only me in this pitch black enclosed building. I normally get between the wagon and tracker - stand on that bar there. And when the strobes flash they get a glimpse of me and I get to see them - how they are sitting. Normally someone is close enough to me so I can lean over more into their face and stare then the strobes flash again and it freaks them out. Oh, I'm in a black hooded robe, with red-circled eyes with blood streaks down my face -like I'm crying blood - really freaky. So, before the third strobe I run around the back of the wagon and climb into the wagon and as the next strobes are going off I'm walking down the middle of it picking out my next victim, I stop when the lights go off and wait in the person face until they come back on. After about a minute I scream (literally -ear hurting scream) and this huge -11 foot- grim reaper dude starts moving around. Since they are paying attention to him, it gives me more time to get to other people and this is where I want to say stuff, because I was most likely already in their face - oooh, ooohh - I can say "he's going to get you" or he knows where you live.. Since I'm referred to as either the screamer or the Reapers bitch.. that would be good. Thanks everyone for the ideas, I'm going to use some of them. Too bad none of you lived around my area, you could come get scared by me.. Happy Halloween!!!! Or happy haunting!

- Asked by Female, 36-45

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